A warm welcome to Chorley Shukokai Karate Club (CSKC)

SKUWelcome to Chorley Shukokai Karate Club (CSKC), a premier establishment founded by Sensei Chris Robinson in 2006. Our primary objective is to impart the true art form of karate to individuals aged 5 and above, instilling the highest standards and emphasising the fundamental elements of this ancient discipline. With over 25 years of experience in karate, Chris is a seasoned practitioner dedicated to nurturing the potential of each student.

At CSKC, we proudly follow the esteemed Shukokai lineage, known for its rich history and proven effectiveness. Our club is characterised by a vibrant and welcoming family atmosphere, fostering a sense of camaraderie among our members. We believe in the power of karate to transform lives, and our mission is to extend this incredible sport to all students, regardless of age or experience.

With the ultimate goal of every student achieving their Black Belts, we provide comprehensive training sessions three times a week. Conveniently located in the Chorley vicinity, our training venues include Buckshaw Village Euxton, Eccleston, and Heskin. Whether you are a beginner seeking to embark on a journey of self-discovery or an experienced practitioner looking to refine your skills, CSKC welcomes you to join our karate family.

Karate “the way of the empty hand”

We would encourage anyone to try karate. Many people study the art of Karate for a variety of reasons such as generally keeping fit (mentally and physically), karate develops and enhances physical abilities that would take a multitude of sports to develop. Students improve balance, hand-eye and hand-foot coordination, flexibility, muscle tone, cardio-vascular, timing and rhythm. It aims to develop: character, humility, confidence, self esteem, self control, determination, and patience as well as being undertaken for fun. For the competitive students they can progress from the local competitions to become nationally and internationally competitors. Karate can also give basic self defence techniques. No other physical discipline offers so much.

CSKC is affiliated to Seishin-do Shukokai Karate ( who in turn are members of the World Union of Karate-Do Federation (

Join us at Chorley Shukokai Karate Club and unlock your true potential in the art of karate. Together, we will strive for excellence, personal growth, and the fulfilment of your martial arts aspirations.

Karate Lessons Chorley – 07854 270569
Don’t worry about equipment.

Karate is practiced in bare feet and you will need to wear something comfortable you can exercise in. Karate suits (GI’s) are available from your instructor. Age Specifications?

Karate is a sport that appeals to both sexes, Children can start from the age of 5, (Children under the age of 8 must have adult remaining with them during lesson).

There is no maximum age limit.

There is no need to book as we take new students all year round so come along to a club session and the instructor will issue you with a welcome pack with more details.

First lesson is FREE !!

As most people are not 100% sure of what is involved in a karate lesson. We give you a free trial lesson to see if karate is for you.

CSKC aims to foster the friendly and safe environment in which students thrive.

If you want to continue with karate, all martial artists need a licence. This will make you a member of the association (SSK) and cover your insurance requirements. Your licence is also a record of your progress for all gradings, qualifications and courses attended. Forms are available from your instructor, licences cost approx £25.00 and need to be renewed annually.

You must have a licence before being able to grade (see grading section)

First lesson is Free to give you the opportunity to see what karate is like and meet the instructor. After that lessons are £5.00 each until the end of the month. After your first month if you are happy to stay with us club membership is FREE when you join our monthly payment scheme.

We run a place allocation scheme whereby you must pay fee’s at the beginning of each month to hold your place at the club.

Extra lessons can be paid for on the night, Family discounts are available

Tel: 07854 270569

Keeping Standards High