A warm welcome to Chorley Shukokai Karate Club (CSKC)
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CSKC was establishedby Sensei Chris Robinson in 2006 with the aim of teaching children (age 5+) and adults the true art form of Shukokai karate to the highest of standards emphasising the key elements of the art.

Chorley Shukokai Karate Club follows the Shukokai lineage and fosters a fun, friendly family atmosphere aiming to help and promote the sport of karate to all students, with the ultimate goal of every student achieving their Black Belts. Everybody is welcome; we train three times a week in the Chorley vicinity at Buckshaw Village Euxton, Eccleston and Heskin.
Karate “the way of the empty hand”

We would encourage anyone to try karate. Many people study the art of Karate for a variety of reasons such as generally keeping fit (mentally and physically), karate develops and enhances physical abilities that would take a multitude of sports to develop. Students improve balance, hand-eye and hand-foot coordination, flexibility, muscle tone, cardio-vascular, timing and rhythm. It aims to develop: character, humility, confidence, self esteem, self control, determination, and patience as well as being undertaken for fun. For the competitive students they can progress from the local competitions to become nationally and internationally competitors. Karate can also give basic self defence techniques. No other physical discipline offers so much.

Seishin Do KarateCSKC is affiliated to Seishin-do Shukokai Karate (www.sskarate.co.uk)/ who in turn are members of the World Union of Karate-Do Federation (www.wukf-karate.org). CSKC is also affiliated to UK Martial Arts Alliance (http://www.ukmaa.org)

Please browse the site which hopefully will answer many of your questions, but if not – please don’t hesitate to get in touch.